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Visit Tybee is a travel companion app for the adventurer who wants to make plans in-advance and on-the-go while visiting Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia. The app is organized into three sections, Discover, My Trips, and Info. Users are able to save favorite destinations, look at reviews for activities, map out where to go, and view important information about Tybee Island.

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Discover allows users on-the-go access to information about places and activities on Tybee Island. In this section, users can find activities through a filtering system, save favorite destinations, read reviews, and get directions.

My trips

My Trips gives users access to the desitations they have previously discovered and saved. In this sections, users can organize destinations into different trips for easy access.


Info provides all of the necessary information visitors need to know about Tybee Island. In this section, users can find the beach guide, and information about parking and events.

The demo

This video demonstrates the full functionality of the Visit Tybee app.