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Einstein's Dreams is an award-winning experimental book that reimagines five chapters from Alan Lightman's novel, Einstein's Dreams. This project conceptually explores different representations of time by experimenting with structure, grid, material, and typography. 

ED_3 copy.jpg

The Book Box

The book box is made from black and white acrylic. The pieces were laser cut and put together by hand. The black and white letters extend out in a dramatic and rhythmic way that represents the repetition and movement of time, two major themes from the novel.

THe Chapters

The book is made up of five chapters. Each chapter explores a different representation of time and emulates that experience through typography, color, material, and structure.


Communication Arts - Typography Annual - 2019

Red Dot - Communication Design Award - 2018

Applied Arts - Student Award Winner - 2018

SCAD Secession - Silver Medalist - 2018 

Type Directors Club - Certificate of Typographic Excellence - 2018