A Wunderman Project

I’ve been working on one project for a couple of weeks now and it has been really exciting to see the whole progression of the project from the start. There are a lot of different people who work on any given project. This particular project is a really big ask from the client. A project starts when a client has a campaign idea or goal. They communicate with a Client Service representative and send an initial brief to that representative. With this particular project Wunderman was starting from the very beginning because the client just had a goal and wanted Wunderman’s expertise on how to reach that goal. There was a whole team of people that were brought together to work on this project. A creative director, who is in charge of getting all of the creative people thinking and working together seamlessly. Project Managers, who are in charge of keeping everything on schedule, organizing meetings, and figuring out what needs to get done and when. Strategists and planners, who are in charge of gathering information and insights on the audience and making sure that all of the creative is going to resonate with the audience. Creative teams (a team is one copywriter and one art director), who are in charge of brainstorming, coming up with ideas, and making those ideas come to life. On this project, there are three creative teams working together on the ask: a senior team, a junior team, and an intern team (yay, that’s me!). 


What’s really cool about Wunderman is that they believe that everyone should be part of every step of the project, because all people have good ideas and insights. I’ve gotten to sit in on meetings about the initial ask, the audience, and the way to approach the ask. So far there have been two client meetings. The first client meeting was about presenting the insights on the audience and discussing where the client should go from there. The second meeting was presenting three creative concepts to the client and letting the client decide which would best align with all of the current marketing. It’s been such a great learning experience because I got to be an integral part of every step in the process. The best part was that Matei (copywriter intern) and I got to be in charge of our own concept that was then presented to the client. Moving forward, the client will choose a concept and the Wunderman team will start making those ideas into reality. Because my time at Wunderman is coming to an end, I might not get to see how the project finishes, but getting to be this ingrained into a project in the first place has been incredible.

Meagan Leigh Vanderhill