Wunderman Seattle is a creative agency that is part of a larger network of agencies. Wunderman has offices all over the world and is also apart of Y&R. Because it’s a large agency, my internship experience has been very different than in the past. 


In the past, I’ve worked at small creative shops that had only a few designers on the creative team and only one creative director. At Wunderman I have worked with many art directors, a few creative directors, and I have even had the opportunity to work with the ECD and CCO. Being surrounded by so many creative minds has been truly inspiring. The best part is that all of these people I have met, though their position in the company is somewhat intimidating, have been so welcoming and friendly towards me. The Wunderman creative team has invested in me and has taken valuable to teach me about the industry and the company. I feel so lucky to have been apart of this internship program because I feel as if I have seemlessly integrated into the Wunderman culture. Not once throughout the summer has someone made me feel as if I was only an intern. They have trusted me with projects and valued my input. Wunderman is a network and I feel connected to every employee at Wunderman. 


What is it like to be a Wunderman employee?


My day starts on the bus, most people take the bus or ride their bikes to work. Once I get into the office, Claudia, the building manager greets me and chats with me about the day. Wunderman would fall apart without Claudia, she radiates positivity and makes everyone who walks into the office feel good about the day ahead. After greeting Claudia, I go into the kitchen and grab an apple (or a bagel if it’s Monday) and tea or coffee. They have two huge coffee machines and a very extensive collection of tea. Once I have my morning snacks, I get set up at my desk and I start working on my projects. 


There are several Project Managers at Wunderman who make sure that all of the projects are on track and everything is making it to the right places at the right time. They schedule all of our time and come by our desks to make sure that we can meet our deadlines and that we aren’t waiting on anything from anyone else. PMs are amazing because they basically are herding all of us cats around. It makes life so much easier on us because you’re able to focus on what you’re doing without worrying about keeping all the details in your head. 


Through out the day as I am working on projects, people come over to my desk to ask me questions, check in on me, say hello. There’s always a friendly face, someone to answer questions, and people to talk, discuss, debate, and laugh with. Everyone at Wunderman genuinely likes each other and so collaboration is always happening. The office has an open floor plan so everyone is able to mingle and talk easily. The IT people sit right near where I sit and sometimes they come over and chat with us. We can ask them questions and learn what’s possible and they can do the same in return. 


After five, people will grab beer from the office keg (yes, there’s a keg in the office) and continue working or meander home. I usually stay until 600 or so. The office gets a little quieter after five and there is always an art director about who I can ask questions to, show my projects to, and get advice from. I love being at Wunderman because I’m never alone. I get to take risks, work hard, and do amazing projects because there is a whole office full of people who have my back and want to see me succeed.

Meagan Leigh Vanderhill