What I've Learned This Summer

This is my last blog I’ll be writing about my summer internship at Wunderman Seattle. I wanted to write about what I’ve learned this summer, but I’m finding it really difficult to start. I could write about all of the small things I’ve learned, the new shortcuts I’ve learned in photoshop (layer comps to files is my life), how to become a better presenter, how to conduct myself during a client pitch, the best ways to save time and be efficient, where the office managers stash all the chips. But, more than having learned something at Wunderman, I have grown. I have grown as a person, as an artist, as a designer, and as a partner. This past year at SCAD and now this summer at Wunderman, I feel as if I am building, rebuilding, and remodeling myself. Moving out to Seattle this summer was a huge risk and challenge. I didn't know a single soul in Seattle before I moved here, but I was excited because it was a new city to explore. It was a lot harder being away from everything I knew than I thought it would be. I’ve traveled a lot by myself. I’ve studied abroad and been oceans away from my friends and family, but in those instances I was surrounded by people who were in the exact same boat. Here, I had to find my own way. I had to seek out experiences. I had to learn how to balance my work life with my personal life. And so the things I learned this summer aren’t those small things. It’s big things like maturity, composure, stamina, efficiency, experience, focus, positivity, fearlessness, and most importantly, confidence.

Meagan Leigh Vanderhill