The 9 to 5

Wunderman Seattle is the first internship I have had that was full time. In the past I’ve done freelance and part time internships. At school, my schedule is erratic. I go to class four times a week for two and a half hours. I work from home, from the library, from coffee shops. I work at 2am, 8pm, 6am. If I’m not at school then I’m probably working on a project for school or thinking about said project. 


Having a regulated schedule at a full time job is very different than my school experience. For one, when I go home from work, I go home. I put my work away and I leave it there. At school your house is your office. 


At school, I change venue every couple of hours because I normally don’t like working in the same space for prolonged periods of time. At my internship, I’m always at my desk or in the office. I don’t get to move around or change up my scenery very often. Instead I’ve taken to personalizing my desk so that I can feel like I’m always in a nourishing and creative space.


When I first started my internship I thought it would be a problem to stay focused for 8 hours a day. Surprisingly, I’ve found that it’s not an issue for me at all. I’m usually working on multiple projects a day that have fast turnarounds. There never seems to be a second to think about not being focused. You have to stay focused out of necessity. I always find that the end of the day comes way too quickly. 


Wunderman though isn’t your typical 9 to 5 environment, it’s more like a get your work done environment. It’s a pretty relaxed environment where people don’t really care when you get into the office or leave the office as long as all of your work is getting done and meeting deadlines. I like getting to the office really early because I like it when the office is quiet. I feel much more productive first thing in the morning. Generally speaking, I like the 9 to 5 life. It's taught me how to be productive during the day and how to stay focused for long hours. When I go back to school I feel like I'll be able to use this experience to organize my time so that my schedule doesn't return to it's chatoic state. 

Meagan Leigh Vanderhill