The Intern Project

This past Tuesday, a group of interns and I presented our intern project to one of Wunderman’s long-standing clients. It went really well. The clients were really excited about our insights and thinking. They asked us important questions about our project and were engaged in our answers. It was really exciting to get such positive feedback because we had been working on the project since the start of our internship. But, getting to a presentable point was a challenge and a huge learning experience. The process did not go smoothly in the end. And, I’m glad it didn’t because I learned a lot about teamwork and how to approach a large project at an agency. 


The project started with a Client Input Brief, and this is basically a pre-creative brief. There were eight interns working on the project. A project manager intern whose responsibility it was to plan meetings, take notes during meetings, and make sure everything stayed on schedule. A client services intern whose responsibility it was to consult with the client (this was internal employees in charge of the project) and make sure everything stayed on brief and fit with the clients expectations. Two planning interns whose responsibility it was to research the audience and find insights into who they were and what they wanted and needed. A strategy intern whose responsibility it was to use insights in order to best reach our audience and to find out what would most resonate with the audience. A data intern whose responsibility it was to find data on the audience, the product, and make sure that everything in the campaign was measurable and targeted to our audience. Lastly, there was myself, the art director intern, and a copywriter intern who made up the creative team. It was our responsibility to bring the insights and data to life and use that research to create a campaign that would truly resonate with the audience and solve the ask the client gave us in the input brief. 


At Wunderman, they have a process they call collision. In collision, everybody working on a project comes together and brainstorms together. In this way, our intern project was able to become seamless and cohesive. Everyone on the team had a part in every step of the process. Once we got the input brief we starting doing research. We researched about the audience, the product, the brand, the current climate. We came together and wrote all of our insights out and the planning and strategy interns got together and wrote a creative brief that distilled down the research into the most important insights. From there we worked on creative. We came up with multiple ideas, eventually choosing one idea that we thought would be the strongest. And here’s where the project got down to the wire. We had all of our thinking there, but we didn't realize how long it would take to put the presentation together. The last week before the presentation was a lot of long hours and coffee. We had great insights and ideas, but telling that story and showing all of the thinking that went into our idea was a much bigger challenge than anticipated. Luckily, we had great mentors at Wunderman who were able to push us, ask us the hard questions, and really made us think about how we were telling our story to the client. That last week was a lot of work, a mad dash to the finish line, but seeing how excited the client (the real client!) was with our ideas was very rewarding.

Meagan Leigh Vanderhill