I am not a big fan of presenting, but if you’re going to work in an agency it is something that is essential. Being a good presenter can mean the difference between having your idea realized and having a client choose to go with another agency because they weren’t sold on your idea. Luckily, Wunderman has given me lots of practice in presenting. This is what I have learned.


1. Be prepared. 

This might seem obvious, but it is very important. At Wunderman, we always present on projectosr. If you have a presentation at 200, you should be in the room 15 to 30 minutes early to make sure that there aren’t any technological issues with your presentation. Get there early and be prepared for things that can go wrong, because inevitably something will go wrong.


2. Have conviction in your ideas.

If you don’t believe in what your saying then nobody else in the room will believe in it either. I really admire the people in the office who are able to fight for their ideas. Working with Matei, we have been asked to brainstorm on various projects and we always come back with more than was asked of us. We always present what they ask for, and then we give them extra ideas that we believe are strong as well. Sometimes they don’t go with those ideas, but sometimes they do and that’s really exciting.


3. Find what works for you.

This is advice that I got from one of the creative directors at Wunderman. He told us that it was important to find out what kind of presenter you are. For some people, being really animated and dramatic is what works for them. For other people, being very straight forward and rational is what works for them. For others, being out there and aspirational is what works for them. 


4. Remember, you’re the show.

This was also advice I got from one of the creative directors at Wunderman. To give us confidence, he told us to think about our presentation as the show. Generally, the client is really excited to see what you have to present. They’re paying for these ideas and you come in and have these awesome ideas and a great presentation that’s the most exciting part of their day.

Meagan Leigh Vanderhill