First Week at Wunderman Seattle

Being in Seattle has been amazing. It’s a beautiful city and the weather is perfect all the time, even though there are some rainy days. I’ve been taking public transportation to work everyday, but I love it because the bus passes right by Lake Union and it is the best view to start the morning. I’ve really been enjoying just walking around and wandering the city.

My first week has been really exciting and interesting. The first day, I walked into the office and was one of fifteen interns starting for the summer. A couple of the interns are from Seattle, but the majority of the interns are from all over the United States and have traveled to Seattle for the summer. We have been split into two teams of interns, half of us are working on one client and the other half are working on another. We’ve all been given a buddy and a team that we are learning from and doing work for. On top of that, both intern teams have been given a brief and will be generating a campaign to pitch to actual clients near the end of the internship program.

The Wunderman office is such a friendly and accepting place. Everyone in the office is really excited about having all the interns there for the summer. Everyone is so welcoming and genuinely helpful. They don’t believe any question is a dumb question and they encourage us to learn as much as we can while we are here. My official title is Art Director Intern and I work directly with a Copywriter Intern. Already, the creative team has given us projects to brainstorm and opportunities to present ideas. It’s been a great first week and I can’t wait to prove myself to the Wunderman creative team.

 Already I’ve learned a few things about working at Wunderman. First, questions are encouraged! This has been hard for me because I’m usually more reserved when I first meet people. It’s difficult to make myself speak up, but they want to see interns who are involved and inspired and driven to succeed. Second, you need to be confident but also humble. I think the mixture of confidence and humbleness is essential to succeeding in the advertising world. You need to have confidence in your abilities and trust your instincts and be able to sell your ideas. But you also need to realize that you’re not amazing and not all of your ideas are going to be “the idea”. And, it’s also really important that you can learn from anyone. Everyone has something to offer.