These designs embrace Frank Lloyd Wright’s geometric aesthetic in order to communicate and promote messaging from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on their various digital platforms.


holiday animations for social media

The following animations celebrate special holidays including Wright’s birthday, the Fourth of July, and the winter holiday season. Each were posted on the Frank Lloyd Wright’s social media accounts as a way to engage with Wright’s supporters on these important days.



I created unique Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Giphy stickers for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to use on Instagram stories.


Living with nature

On Earth Day 2019, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation launched a year-long sustainability campaign, Living With Nature, to share with the world the sustainable practices used at the Foundation and to inspire people to incorporate sustainable practices into their own lives. This logo animation was developed to create consistent branding throughout the campaign. The logo mark was inspired by both the Taliesin West Whirling Arrow and the recycle symbol.

MC_Sustainability_logo_ae_v2 copy.gif

Year in review infographic

With contributions from the Frank Lloyd Foundation’s members, the Foundation was able to continue its work of preserving Wright’s two most personal creations, Taliesin in Wisconsin and Taliesin West in Arizona. As a thank you for the amazing support from members and donors, this infographic details all the ways the Foundation was able to continue it’s mission of preserving, educating, and advancing the way we build and live in 2018.

MD_2018 Year in Reveiw Infographic_v10 copy.jpg