This 3D poster was a challenge to conceptually represent a date from the past using only paper. I chose the date September 18, 1837 - the day Tiffany and Co. first opened it’s doors. I was fascinated by women’s roles in society during the 1830s. One class of women was the upper class. They were the women who would shop at Tiffany and Co. and wear beautiful dresses and own beautiful and ornate objects. Another class of women was the working class. They worked in sweatshops with poor working conditions, making the things that Tiffany and Co. stocked and the upper class women bought. 


The poster brings these two class of women together. The poster is a beautifully ornate skirt. The outside of the skirt is white to represent the cleanliness and purity of the upper class women in society. The inside of the poster is a black hoop skirt that represents the oppression of the working class. On the boning of the skirt is the information of working class women: the products they made and the number of women working in each factory. In order to view the boning, one must get down on ones knees and look up the skirt. This is designed to be uncomfortable, for the working class women were perceived as subhuman by the upper class women and were therefore hidden away from polite society.


Completed in October 2016